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Loretta Lynn is psychic and her estate is haunted. foreal.

So, over the weekend, I was drawn to this show on the Travel Channel —

Loretta Lynn’s Haunted Plantation

Tour Hurricane Mills, Loretta Lynn’s haunted plantation in the hills of Tennessee. After taking possession of the historic home in 1966, the Lynn Family discovered the grounds were haunted by Confederate Civil War ghosts and a mysterious woman in white.

And you probably didn’t know this either:

Legendary country performer Loretta Lynn is no stranger to ghosts and in fact, has spent her entire life in their presence. While her encounters with the supernatural have never received the kind of attention that her performing career have.. Lynn is said to be a bonafide psychic and when asked about this, she is always willing to talk about it. — read the whole page here:


While the movie explores her road to success and some troubling times in her life, there is a whole other piece of Loretta Lynn that few are aware of — her psychic abilities. —

as for the hauntings…

Other strange happenings have occurred on the property, as well. Gaye Crowell, the assistant manager of the ranch went out on a balcony shortly after September 11th, to hang red, white, and blue banners, and was locked out with two other women. No one locked the door. They were stuck until getting someone’s attention on the ground below. She feels one of the ghosts locked her out there just for the sakes of mischief.

So is it true? Who knows? It’s a little shady, but it was interesting at least to hear her and the family say the word “sow-jers” over and over again when referring to Confederate Soldiers.


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