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Wal-Mart’s lame attempt at social networking.

The execs at Wal-Mart have come up with “the Hub” — a myspace-like site geared towards back to school. As far as I remember, that is the most depressing day of the year for kids. Let’s blog about it, or perhaps make some short wal-mart commercials so that we can be laughed at for the rest of our scholastic lives!

Wal-Mart has started the Hub, which bears some of the features of a My-Space-like social network, but appears to be essentially an advertising vehicle that encourages teens to create commercials for the retail chain and post them to the site. The Hub allows users to create pages and videos, somewhat like MySpace. It tells them to express “individuality,” but screens their posts and doesn’t allow them to e-mail each other. The site is running a contest for the best video submissions about how much the submitter likes Wal-Mart (

Wal-Mart Web site seems to try too hard to be hip

A quick glance at The Hub leaves the impression that social networking is not Wal-Mart’s forte, but rather, hiring a teen focus group is. One member Ashley, whose profile is called “Tap into Fashion,” writes: “Shopping will be my number ONE hobby this fall….I’ll be on the lookout for the latest fashions. From leggings to layers, to boots and flats, big belts, and headbands!”Maybe Ashley really is into fashion, but her language suggests that a career in marketing might be a better fit.

Wal-Mart’s awkward dress-up as MySpace | | CNET



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