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Where do you go for your sports information?

One of the things I think is interesting is the number of people that think they are the definitive expert, or that they know as much as the experts do. For example, let’s take any professional sports team; there are whole sects of fans for each team who actually believe they are smarter than the people running the team, and want you to know that. Sure, some of the time there probably is a few of them that are actually smarter than the average bear, but for the most part, fans can’t know the whole picture because they don’t sit in on practices, film study, meetings and have interaction with the players and coaches. Beat writers are our only hope, and even then you get a lot of opinion.

Draft sites are some of my favorites, because they are largely regurgitated drivel based on a few observations made on a practice or two. Unless that writer covered every second of that player’s collegiate career, I’m not buying their opinion. I find High School recruiting and scouting even more laughable because of such disparity in talent levels across the country. Sure, there are guys like Greg Oden, who looks like a 40 year old man and is actually a freshman at Ohio State, who have been SO dominant that they hype is warranted, but take Adam Morrison for example; The guy played at Gonzaga — not exactly playing the UNC’s and Duke’s every night — and was THE man for that team. He’s been OK since his arrival in the NBA, but not worthy of the third overall pick. I’m a huge Bobcats fan, but let’s be honest; There was a lot of hype surrounding Morrison that was sold and bought; moreso than possibly any other player not named Andrea Bargnani.

There are SO many sites out there with so much information. Which is right? There are probably conflicting opinions stating facts on nearly any subject you could think of. Much of it is really just passed-along information. There are a lot of information-passers in the sports information business. Sites like ESPN and CBS Sportsline have guys that watch a few highlight reels and then report things as if they are fact. They don’t dig deep enough to give you a true indication of what is going on. That is why the local writers are the best bet; at least they have better access than the average fan, and they know the team better than the national “experts”.

In my 3 years with, I have to say that I have been given news that I didn’t know about less than 5 times total about my team. That is because the national folks don’t know what is going on with my team better than I do.

Keep that in mind before you buy some subscription to a site that has national experts. Go with a site that has local experts, instead, and you’ll get more for your money.


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