You know, I can’t hardly stand going to the Mall any more. People have gotten to the point that the only way they could be more inconsiderate and rude is if they were to throw feces in your face as you walk.

1) scooting over – You’d think that people mastered this in grade school, but as many of us know, they did not. You know they see you coming, you know they see you also have no room, yet they don’t care if you run into the wall or store fixture. Why not?

2) impeding someone’s path deserves an “Excuse me” – What ever happened to “excuse me”? If you step in front of someone’s path, do it quickly, and say excuse me. NEVER walk out of a store blindly into incoming traffic and go against the grain. That is extremely rude.

3) stopping in the middle of the mall walking area – If you stop in the middle of the mall walking area – and I mean just dead stop and scratch your ass or to ponder what that moist feeling in your undies is, then expect to get run into. This is one of the more rude things you can do at the mall, and one of my pet peeves. If I’m behind you, you may get ran over by a stroller or two.

4) hogging the isle – We’ve all seen someone hogging an isle. Sometimes it’s a woman with a stroller or cart parked precisely in the middle of the isle while she looks at something 20 feet away, or sometimes it’s the pot-bellied middle aged man picking his nose as he tries to figure out which camera he likes best. The proper way to look at something is to pick a side and look. If you need a closeup, move in closer. Be aware of those around you.

5) reign in your damn kids – The mall is not a racing track, playground, or otherwise experimenting place for your 2-3 year old kids to act like wild animals. If you and your herd content to walk shoulder to shoulder as slow as possible, expect people to be pissed off at you and make nasty comments under their breath. If you do allow your toddlers to walk, at least hold their hands.

6) hold a door and don’t let it slam in someone’s face or sneak through it as they are holding it open for their pregnant wife – This has happened to my wife and I on occasion: Someone letting the door hit us nearly in the face/stroller (while the wife was pregnant no less) or you are holding the door open for your kids/spouse and someone jumps IN FRONT OF THEM to exit/enter the building. I don’t mind holding the door for you, but if you disrespect my family in that manner, I may even CLOSE it on you on purpose. Every time this happens, I can hardly believe someone would do that, but yet, it happens every-so-often.

The best thing you can do folks, is teach your kids respect and manners for others – even if no one shows it towards you, teach them respect. That is your duty. It is your duty also to be aware of your fellow shoppers and mall patrons.


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