Rudeness has become an epidemic

You know, I can’t hardly stand going to the Mall any more. People have gotten to the point that the only way they could be more inconsiderate and rude is if they were to throw feces in your face as you walk.

1) scooting over – You’d think that people mastered this in grade school, but as many of us know, they did not. You know they see you coming, you know they see you also have no room, yet they don’t care if you run into the wall or store fixture. Why not?

2) impeding someone’s path deserves an “Excuse me” – What ever happened to “excuse me”? If you step in front of someone’s path, do it quickly, and say excuse me. NEVER walk out of a store blindly into incoming traffic and go against the grain. That is extremely rude.

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Would you pay to read your local paper online? be honest. if so, how much?

Yesterday I posed the question via Twitter ( @bradthomas ) “would you pay to read your local paper online? be honest. if so, how much?“. Since I’ve also got my twitter account linked with my facebook profile, that question was also broadcast there as well.

Several of my friends, many of who have or still work for newspaper companies have weighed in:

“Nope, not at all. Free content is everywhere in the world, why would I pay for news I can find elsewhere?”

“hell no”

“no becasue you can read free stuff online anywhere, why pay”

“That’s a big negatory there compadre’.”

Brad Thomas: What if it were local content that nobody else currently covered?

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Where do you go for your sports information?

One of the things I think is interesting is the number of people that think they are the definitive expert, or that they know as much as the experts do. For example, let’s take any professional sports team; there are whole sects of fans for each team who actually believe they are smarter than the people running the team, and want you to know that. Sure, some of the time there probably is a few of them that are actually smarter than the average bear, but for the most part, fans can’t know the whole picture because they don’t sit in on practices, film study, meetings and have interaction with the players and coaches. Beat writers are our only hope, and even then you get a lot of opinion.

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